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The first survey on the topic of connecting the two skiing regions at the Fichtelberg and Klinovec was carried out by ATC-Ă–sterreich and DESIGNWORKSHOP, a US planning company, in 1993. It led through the Zechengrund area, the national border of the two countries. At that time, people had to show their ID cards or passports to cross the border due to the political circumstances. A quotation for the Miriquidi, peak to peak option, was already prepared by Ecosign in 2000.



The Miriquidi project is a symbolic bridge in the newly unified Europe.

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Preconditions for further planning:
  • Acceptance of the project by the people and politicians of the Czech Republic and the state of Saxony, Germany
  • Integration of the project into local and regional development planning
  • New construction of Keilbergbaude
  • Reconstruction of old Jachymov–Klinovec chair lift
  • Sufficient parking on Keilberg

The Miriquidi will be another technology and tourism highlight in Saxony and provides the best prerequisites to be operated successfully and profitable all year round. The future cross-border skiing region will be one of the largest among low mountain range skiing regions.

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