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Planning Beyond National Borders – Connecting Peaks!
"Active Arena Miriquidi Ski Region" – Basis for an Overall Concept for the Klinovec–Fichtelberg Region

  • a single tourist region
  • collaborative planning and development
  • complementary products and services
  • creates the necessary structures
  • guarantees careful environmental management

The 28 projects in the Fichtelberg region shown in the illustration form the basis for discussion of a long-term overall concept. The 28 projects represent a selection and juxtaposition of different concepts as well as the studies and results of different work groups from the past 25 years. An overall concept inspires the trust of investors and banks, which is a precondition for successful implementation.

The goal of the MIRIQUIDI – ACTIVE – ARENA is to become a competitive vacation region for families and active tourists within the next five years.

Miriquidi Aktiv Arena 2017 Miriquidi Bike Arena